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Fitness Journal - Lose the fat

Fat: Foe or friend

Today we're going to talk about our main concern, fat! Fat is a misundestood and maligned substance, many seems to seek to eliminate it out of there meals altogether failing to understand the body needs fat for a reason. There are two very simple rules you can keep in mind when dealing with fat:

Don't eat too much of it, but eat enough

Eat vegetabilian fat rather than animalfat like meat, egg and milk

Yes, you need to eat fat! If you don't get enough of it you'll shoot yourself in the foot since your body will go (or rather your fatcells) "Gee, starvation time! I better suck up as much fat as I can and hold on to it". But the body needs energy, where do you think it will get it? Yep, it will start breaking down your muscles.

That's why many diets are so bad, you mostly lose weight through water and muscles and when you start eating "normal" again your body will think "Finally some fat, I better store up on it in case I don't get anymore for a while" and you'll blow up like a ballon. Next time we're going to learn how to calculate how much
fat is enough fat

Healthy habit of the day

Eat often and eat well. You know that irresistable crave for pizza? Those cravings are probably one of the worst culprits for sabotaging your nutrition. A good way to counter this is too eat often. Many children are taught not to eat between meals which is sad since that's exactly what you should do. Eat
three large meals (breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) and atleast 2 smaller meals in between. This doesn't mean that you should eat a hamburger for breakfast and a bag of cheeze doodles before lunch. But rather a healthy breakfast and a fruit or some yoghurt before lunch.

Not only will this help prevent you getting so hungry that you can't resist that pizza it will also keep your metabolism and blodsugar on an even level keeping your fatburning at peak effiency

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Monday, February 18, 2002

Welcome, this is the first post :) The last sixmonths I gained some weight, so I made a bet with my girlfriend: See who can lower his/her bodyfat the most in six months, the loser buys the winner a trip to Bali. Extremely clever of me isn't it, not only do I have incitament to reach my goal, I also get a sleeker girlfriend (not that she isn't perfect as she is) and a trip to Bali :)

This log will keep you posted about my progress, share tips regarding nutrition and exercize. I'm working on some software to simplify stats regarding calories and nutrition so the postings will grow increasinly detailed. Hopefully after reading this journal for a while you'll know what to do and what not to do for a healthier life and fit body.

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